I find in stone and wood sculpture a way for me to explore the “the interdependent web of existence,” the invisible threads connect us and I want to explore that in whatever way that I can. Stone and wood allows me to explore the dichotomy of creating softness, movement, and emotions in something that is considered hard and unyielding. I love that juxtaposition. To me my art is an emotional study, an exploration. That is it at its’ highest point. Sometimes I just like to have fun. I find carving stone fun!

Ideas are all around me. I, however, am not always available to them. That is an ongoing struggle for me. There are times when the ideas swirl around and through me and other times when I am as empty as a deserted bird’s nest in fall. Those are the times when I go back to my sketches and books and, of course, nature. I have always found inspiration from seeing what others have done. We do not create in a vacuum. We are products of the world around us. After that I am not sure where they come from.

Sculpture, stone and wood sculpture in particular has been the anchor of my life. It holds me steady when nothing else can. Art is everywhere. Our job, as artists, is to bring it to life. There are those who would say that art is unnecessary and to them I would say that they are not looking because art, that wondrous, nebulous, ubiquitous glue that holds the universe together, is in the very air that we breath. I am grateful to be some small part of that wonder.

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Like a spider
We cast out
For connections
We must make
A connection
To survive

The anchor
Must strong
Enough to support
And to nourish
Our soul as well
As our bodies