You have entered the world of Patty McPhee, artist and poet.

You are welcome to wander through her universe of stone, clay and jewelry, which is accented by her very personal poetry. Whether the work is sculpted clay, carved stone or unique jewelry Patty will take you on a journey of discovery.

The evocative forms of the carved flowers, soaring landscapes in stone and metal and deeply personal figurative pieces combine to express a rich inner life and deep connection to the earth.

“Please feel free to wander through my world of organic forms. I hope that they will attract your desire to touch as well as appeal to the eye. These unique and original pieces were created in representational as well as abstract forms to express what I love and to give form to the emotional lives of us all.”

“I strive to touch a deep emotional chord with each artwork that I do. Each piece is evocative of a moment in time and the emotions that are associated with it.”

Thank you for dropping by.

To Contact Patty McPhee
Phone: 206-919-4938
Tacoma, Washington

" My Work
Forms evolving
Pulsating from
The stone
and Living "